Check out our past interns!


Kathryn Speaks

  • Class of 2020

  • Clemson University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Minor in Nonprofit Leadership

“My time at The Parenting Place has been so rewarding and educational, enabling me to have hands-on, fulfilling experiences when working with clients, fellow interns, and supervisors. I have learned so much and know that my time here has better prepared me for a career in the non-profit and counseling industries. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to intern here, and to serve the surrounding communities with an organization that truly cares about making a difference.”


Calista Flores

  • Class of 2021

  • Clemson University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Minor in Nonprofit Leadership

“My experience at the parenting place was unique and amazing. I had the opportunity to see many different perspectives of social work and learn what it is like to become an advocate for someone to need a voice. It has been a great learning experience that is what it's like to do this virtually and very impactful as we learn the importance of technology in social work and counseling. I have developed skills and relationships that would help me in my future career and my journey. I am so thankful I have gotten this opportunity and I thank the Parenting Place staff for always being welcoming and willing to teach us.”


Gabriela Lacouture

  • Class of 2020

  • Anderson University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies, Minor in Sociology

“One of my favorite things about interning at The Parenting Place was the staff’s ability to give me such a professional and hands-on experience in the counseling world. This opportunity has allowed me to tangibly learn what it would be like to become a professional counselor one day, what it looks like to be devoted to serving families in the upstate, and how essential it is to build strong relationships with coworkers. I am so grateful I was able to be a part of this agency for the Summer and for all the wonderful ways my time spent here has prepared me for my future career in Social Services.”

Jenniffer Ortiz Intern.jpg

Jeniffer Moreno Ortiz

  • Class of 2020

  • Southern Wesleyan University, Bachelor of Science in Human Services

“Interning at The Parenting Place was a great experience! The agency allowed me to utilize the skills that I have learned in class, apply them in a live setting, and learn new skills in the process. I was able to interact with clients daily and be involved in the sessions. This experience has taught me valuable things that will help me in the future such as the importance of confidentiality and how to document client notes. I am grateful for the opportunity that they gave me.”


Janki Patel

  • Class of 2020

  • Clemson University, Psychology Major

  • Plans to attend Grad School, earn a Doctorate, and become a licensed psychologist. Intends to conduct research to incorporate spirituality and mindfulness into therapeutic interventions.

Favorite Quote: “Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light. I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”


Makia Ward

  • Class of 2019

  • Clemson University, Psychology Major

"I feel like I got a full rounded experience at The Parenting Place. My time at my internship placement was more hands on than I expected...In my time [here], I’ve been able to lead an activity, conduct a biopsychosocial assessment, and take my own client notes. I was able to see some of the legal side as well, by going to family court, something I'd never had to do before. I like that The Parenting Place directly services people who need resources that they would otherwise have difficulty getting on their own."


Julia Bagley

  • Class of 2019

  • Winthrop University, Social Work Major

  • Plans to attend Grad School for Social Work and then head to Cambodia to direct a children's ministry

"Working at The Parenting Place has been such an incredible experience for me. I have learned so much from working hands-on with the staff and feel more prepared to use my social work skills in the field at my future career. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to be a part of an organization that truly puts the client's needs first."


Brie Smith

  • Class of 2019

  • Furman University, Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies 

  • Plans to join a teacher residency program with KIPP Memphis Prepatory Elementary School to become a teacher

"The work that the Parenting Place does is more than necessary and having the opportunity to intern here has helped me to learn and grow so much. This opportunity has definitely prepared me for all of my future endeavors." 


Steadman Mauney

  • Class of 2019

  • Clemson University, Criminal Justice Major

  • Plans to pursue a Masters of Social Work degree after graduation 

"Interning at The Parenting Place has been one of the most unique experiences of my life I have learned so much...that I will certainly take with me wherever my career takes me. It was a joy to work alongside the staff and make a difference in our community through the services we offered."

Alyshia Ravenell Intern.jpg

Alyshia Ravenell

  • Class of 2018

  • Clemson University

  • Bachelors of Science in Sociology, Minor in Recreational Therapy, emphasis in Social Services

"The Parenting Place taught me so much about myself and the world of social work in different lights. Every day was a new learning experience on what I could possibly see in an entry-level and a senior-level position."

Ethan Patrick Covil

  • Class of 2020

  • Wofford College

  • Biology Major with a Chemistry Minor

  • Plans to attend medical school

"My time at The Parenting Place was extremely rewarding. Every day, I felt as though I was making a difference in the community I live in, which is a feeling unlike any other!"


Jenelle Francis

  • Class of 2019

  • Clemson University

  • Psychology Major with a Sociology Minor

"My experience as an intern in the Counseling and Supportive Services program allowed me to gain so much knowledge and insight into the field of social work. Being able to observe counseling sessions and client home visits definitely gave me great knowledge on how to be an effective counselor and work with people who come from various backgrounds and who are dealing with different problems in their lives. It was a very valuable experience."

Carson Laine McCoy

  • Class of 2017

  • Clemson University,

  • Bachelor of Arts Sociology, Minor Psychology, Emphasis Social Services

  • Plans to attend graduate school to obtain a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy

"My time at The Parenting Place provided me with an exceptional learning and growing experience in the world of Social Work."

Dianna Marie Frykenberg

  • Class of 2016

  • Clemson University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

"My experience interning at The Parenting Place was one

of the most impactful experiences of my life."

Lauren Curry

Masters of Social Work